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Solar Power For Off Grid.

Discussion in 'Retreat Living' started by Keith, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. lonewolf

    lonewolf Administrator Staff Member

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    I don't like winters, I wouldn't mind if we got a bit of decent snow but all we seem to get in the mild south west is rain, and lots of it, our weather comes straight off Dartmoor here.
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  2. Keith

    Keith Moderator Staff Member

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    Just updated per the request for posts on solar power & the fact that I can not edit my earlier posts to correct the image failure.
    Solar panels on the power shed.
    [​IMG] The new Gel batteries we had installed to replace the old lead acid batteries. This is a 24 volt DC system converted to 240 volt AC. This powers the main house & the outside laundry.
    [​IMG] The small green shed in front of Elm Cottage is the power shed & it has solar panels mounted on its roof. This is a 12 volt system.