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Fire Starter

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Tomahawk, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Tomahawk

    Tomahawk New Member

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    fire starter.jpg A few things I use !
    Some are just trash.
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  2. The Fat Chef

    The Fat Chef New Member

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    Have you tried potassium permangenate?
    It has other uses as well and you don't need a lot.
    Best way though to start a fire is by friction. Once you have the skill and knowledge it is something that you carry with you forever with out the weight holding you down.
    Truly a skill for life that should be practiced at every opportunity to keep you proficient
  3. Brownbear

    Brownbear Active Member

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    Traditional flint and steel for me - light, easy to carry, it doesn't fail and natural tinder is easy to come by (and keep dry with a little care).
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  4. Keith

    Keith Moderator Staff Member

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    I totally agree with Brownbear, traditional flint, steel & tinderbox is by far the best & most sustainable method of fire lighting especially in a long term wilderness living situation. I have trekked in all weathers & I have never failed to make fire with flint & steel.
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  5. lonewolf

    lonewolf Administrator Staff Member

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    I have today taken delivery of a solar lighter, a round mirrored dish that focuses sun light onto a fixed point to light some tinder, of course you need a sunny day to use it!
    I tend to carry a mixture of traditional and modern types of firelighters, as well as carrying a traditional flint and steel I also carry a Ferro rod, as well as waterproof matches and a couple of disposable lighters and a small magnifying glass.
    I figure that its best to carry more than one way of making fire, when i'm cold and wet I want the fastest way to light a fire and if i'm shivering with the cold a flint and steel isn't necessarily my best option.
    that's just my personal preference.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017
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